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MISSION Boat Gear Board SOX Wakesurf Board Bag Sock
MISSION Boat Gear Board SOX Wakesurf Board Bag Sock
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Brand MISSION Boat Gear
Manufacturer MISSION Boat Gear

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Why Board SOX?
Nobody likes the stress involved when transporting their wakesurfer. With board SOX you can worry less about transporting your surf board, and focus on nailing your next shove-it. Board SOX gives you the protection you need, without feeling like an overprotective surf board parent. Board SOX are slim, light, stylish, and protective.

Sun Protection
The sun can really do a number on your surf board finish. Just a few months of sun exposure can have your board looking 10 years old. Board SOX help reduce exposure to UV rays and keep your board looking new for years to come.

Keep board SOX on your board when it's on the boat rack
That's right, board SOX are thin enough to keep on your board when you stash it on the rack. So go ahead an hang out at the sand bar as long as you want! No need to worry about your board turning yellow from the sun while you kick it with your buddies.

MISSION is located in the land of 10,000 lakes just off the shores of Lake Minnetonka. We're a team of boating enthusiasts who absolutely love being on the water. We strive to make boating accessories that help you get the most out of your day. It's all about having fun with friends and family so we're here to help make it as enjoyable as possible.
Brand MISSION Boat Gear
Feature IMPACT PROTECTION - Prevents dings and scratches while moving your board and features a reinforced nose to protect from major damage.,LIGHTWEIGHT - Designed with the perfect balance of weight and protection without being too thick to fit in most boat racks.,STRETCH TO FIT - The lofted 300g polyester fiber construction allows this case to stretch to accommodate many different shapes and sizes.,SUN PROTECTION - Keep your board looking new by reducing exposure to harmful ultra-violet rays.,SIMPLE CLOSURE - Drawstring closure system secures the board with a single motion. No more looking for the correct end of the zipper.
Label MISSION Boat Gear
Manufacturer MISSION Boat Gear
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher MISSION Boat Gear
Studio MISSION Boat Gear
Title MISSION Boat Gear Board SOX Wakesurf Board Bag Sock
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