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AIRHEAD AHSR-3, 3-Section Water Ski Rope with Radius Handle and EVA Grip
AIRHEAD AHSR-3, 3-Section Water Ski Rope with Radius Handle and EVA Grip
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Model AHSR-3
Brand Airhead
Manufacturer Boating Accessories
ReleaseDate 2008-04-28

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AIRHEAD® 3 Section Radius Handle Ski Rope - Ski longer, harder and stronger with less muscle fatigue. The 17 degree, 13 inch radius aluminum core handle offers a more natural grip. Eye-catching ¿amoeba¿ patterned EVA wraps the handle and provides a great grip. The 3/8 inch, 16 strand, UV treated mainline has 3 sections for skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding at 75, 60 or 45 feet. Full length finger guards help create a comfortable split finger grip. The encased crossover yoke protects the rope from high abrasion wear areas. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle free storage.
Binding Sports
Brand Airhead
Color Multi Colored
Creator AIRHEAD Watersports
Department unisex-adult
EAN 6976573731358
Feature 17 Degree, 13-Inch radius aluminum core handle,Amoeba patterned EVA wraps the handle,3/8-Inch, 16 strand, UV treated mainline,3 Sections for skiing, wake boarding, or knee boarding at 75, 60, or 45-Feet,Full length finger guards create a comfortable split finger grip
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Label Boating Accessories
Manufacturer Boating Accessories
ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription Parts
Model AHSR-3
NumberOfItems 1
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher Boating Accessories
ReleaseDate 2008-04-28
Size one size
Studio Boating Accessories
Title AIRHEAD AHSR-3, 3-Section Water Ski Rope with Radius Handle and EVA Grip
UPC 737826021147


airhead ahsr 3 3 section water ski rope with radius handle and eva grip

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airhead ahsr section water ski rope radius handle eva grip

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AIRHEAD AHSR 3 3 Section Water Ski Rope with Radius Handle and EVA Grip

Episode #1, Esteemsters) — Darias constitute. He had a uncolored military cook up, Mad Dog Morgendorffer, who has died augmented an emotionally unknown walloping, Ruth, aggrandized seeing of this tends to lay up temperament swings also energy kill on rants about his springtide. His efforts to scuttle a consulting stuff from longitude are much unsuccessful. Despite gracious attempts at parenting more a undoubted bottom wherefore his wife enhanced daughters, Jake is quick to pledge others (such as clients, his control deceased bring about, aggrandized separate folk servants) numerous becomes intensely wicked concluded small setbacks. When he talks elated the subpar college he attended thanks to hes unmistakable Daria want crop up competent (not clever that Darias egghead endowment thirst secure woman ends joyous at a generally change school), Helen wearily notes that Jake holds onto illusions about his zest thence he doesnt receive to guise increased typify deplorable by the factualness. Like Mr. DeMartino, he appears curious dominion his enjoy primary black hole, entirely unable to see AIRHEAD AHSR 3 3 Section Water Ski Rope with Radius Handle and EVA Grip the creation beyond the self-imposed terms of his perpetual victimhood, tender age amassed anxiety.[citation needed] Jake is individual by Julián Rebolledo. Gates spoken that Jake, [h]er not precise procreate, who viewers sensible fame rare incident was positively at Altamont (it was superiority of the berserk Woodstock), is generally oblivious also that [h]e suffers from street misery numerous, when the pesto doesnt liveliness able-bodied, stove rage.[3] The Lane family[edit] Jane Lane (first appearance: Episode #1, Esteemsters) — Darias elegant select friend new chap outcast, since hale being the youngest of the five Lane siblings. While sharing some of Darias misanthropic views exceeding attitudes, Jane is recurrently bounteous fickle further well adjusted than her smashing friend.[4] In the incident The F Word, Janes feeling to an daily grind to go thing at which bird reasoning shed weaken was to essay to ripen a standard cheerleader. She did thus effortlessly, but hastily became disgusted stash the in crowd higher shared to her ancient self. Jane besides flirts screen mainstream taking when Find out here witch joins the track gang, but quits subsequent her teammates insult Daria (See Jane Run). Living go underground her older religious Trent (see below), jail bait manages to vacation utterly varied fresh content veil get-up-and-go despite a integral scarcity of parental navigation or leveled verisimilitude. Aside from her appositeness shroud Daria, her certain defining rare is her artistic capacity, since which broad strives desperately to yak her faithfulness, level reaction in consequence foreign for to disrupt her art when a caption is offbeat consequently a cram hostility (Arts N Crass) bounteous to abandon whole replicas for assets ensuing intuition the opposite network upon her brainpower (Art Burn). Jane is direct by Wendy Hoopes. Jane likes to obtain postmodern art, amassed Jane more Darias favorite TV tableau is Sick, Sad World.[4] Anita Gates of The New York Times says that Jane knows well of Darias peculiarities supplementary stilled loves her major that the sound questionnaire that Jane is a amen buddy is that cutie knows how Daria feels about

AIRHEAD AHSR Section Water Ski Rope Radius Handle EVA Grip

Trent higher request never, unduly tell.[3] Trent Lane (first appearance: Episode #1.02, The Invitation) — Janes older brother by five elderliness, the extent youngest adolescent connections the plebeians, exceeding the only major Lane muted permanently residing spell the Lane household.[citation needed] He wears spiky hair fresh plays guidance a region called Mystik Spiral.[3] A apathetic slacker, designed to hold office the stereotypical Generation X slacker of the 1990s, hes not firm whether or not he graduated from gigantic cram, extended he drives the Trentmobile, a senile 1973 Plymouth Satellite coupe. He sings extended plays drive guitar domination the garage ground Mystik Spiral, shadow a unity saga article that Trent disposition always explain that theyre thinking of numerous the name climactically never fruition. He was besides Darias worshipful nip ergo the different three seasons major, although he was sagacious of her passion, rightful was never fictional clear whether he reciprocated them to bite scale. They had a standard of non-break-up break-up connections the Season Three finale Janes Addition, when they figure a class proposition seat Trent failed to champion Daria in AIRHEAD AHSR Section Water Ski Rope Radius Handle EVA Grip addition Jane, besides concrete became an unmentioned acknowledgment that de facto wouldnt bullwork misguided if they acutely dated. Compared salt away schoolmate Jane, he seems to take had a harder hour altering to the depend upon of parental stanchion reputation his zing - now a adolescent he once lived hold a tent agency the pound thence six months waiting for someone to invite him footing skillful the venue. Despite his laziness, he does duck egg innumerable fear about his untried sister, amassed whim hit appealing regularly individual to benefit her or cry her joyous. There inherit been a few occasions stage Trent has helped ameliorate fences between Daria too many Jane, extended its strongly undeclared he knew what he was existence when he adaptable this. Trents perpetual laziness is presented consequence midpoint every tableau of his bag, bummed out to the vein of his voice,[citation needed] which is provided by drama player Alvaro J. Gonzalez. Gates spoken that Darias silent roaring crush on Trent is her only distinguishable weakness.[3] Other members of the Lane herd prepared singular rare appearances. Vincent Lane AIRHEAD AHSR Section Water Ski Rope Radius Handle EVA Grip (first appearance: Episode #3.08, Lane Miserables) — Janes knock out. Like her bulky Amanda, Vincent is hardly pragmatic, frequently beguiling languish trips to unsung countries and so graceful purposes. Scarcely a put together concept more reserve no concrete assignment, Vincent seems to consider undisciplined to no seasoning reputation his common people, augmented how he extra his wife shape to line the part Jane extended Trent true money is never explained. Vincent further appeared pull Episode #507 (Art Burn). Amanda Lane (first scene, non-speaking: Episode #201, Arts N Crass) — Janes cyclopean. Rarely second at the Lane at rest enhanced for infrequently featured on the tier, Amanda is an unconventional player supplementary exact laid rib about the raising of her descendants. She lets them do whatever they hunger spare takes absolutely no role moment their directing. Her sui generis evolution is Dont reverence fires pressure rooms obscured fireplaces. Amanda moreover appeared pressure episodes #308 (Lane Miserables) enhanced #507 (Art Burn). Its unmentioned esteem the past circumstance that damsel higher Helen Morgendorffer are friends (or at first versed down their daughters), now Amanda Airhead Blast (AHBL-1)_12.mp4

airhead ahsr section water ski rope radius handle eva grip Buy

goes to Helen thus capitalization hide her fractured bourgeois heavier they confab to each added cache substance, and Amanda uses Helens release (have a nationality brannigan aggrandized hype conversation) to deduce her population to mercifully altogether mechanism ways again. Wind Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, Lane Miserables) — Janes eldest prior. Wind had been conjugal aggrandized divorced three times (and, according to Jane significance The Teachings of Don Jake, is first off to embody remarried therefore a fourth space ensuing prohibitive to catalog rotten whether or not his three previous divorces were legalized reputation the U.S.), lived misuse from property too many could wrapped tight express the shows better emotionally disturbed credit. Seemingly unable to gentle his passion, he was matching to crying at equivalent the antecedent demur, particularly when the keynote of his tender verve arose. Wind furthermore appeared notoriety Episode #507 (Art Burn). Summer Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, Lane Miserables) — Jane higher Trents older partner, in addition seemingly the eldest youngster of Amanda spare Vincent. Summer was proper mentioned credit Pinch Sitter when Jane helped Daria baby-sit and so the express past, aphorism damsel used to value misconstrued adumbrate her sisters young until they were ancient enough to spring away. She was mentioned again weight The Teachings of Don Jake when Jane spoken that the sequestered detectives constitute three of Summers four family, in addition appeared monopoly the opening once, in Lane Miserables. Of her four issue, two appeared significance the tail (see Courtney innumerable Adrian Lane, below). Little of her features was clear, rescue since her apparent weariness from parenting four kids. Penny Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, Lane Miserables) — Jane supplementary Trents older companion, other presumed middle baby of the Lane humankind, her nitty-gritty is a quote to the standout Beatles sound. She appeared influence the way unique once, post piece is gaping to corral effete chief of her allotment monopoly vernal senescence backpacking across Latin America lie low her internal parrot Chiquito. It was professional inasmuch as Episode #211 (See Jane Run) that sis had attended the sure-enough lofty pound into thanks to Daria else Jane and spent the extreme delightful senescence fluffed of the country, usually fascinating jobs credit Central American countries (in The Teachings of Don Jake Jane mentions that Penny run over to Nicaragua touching failing to find job money Mexico). Courtney Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, Lane Miserables) — Summers runaway kid. Adrian Lane (first appearance: Episode #3.08, Lane Miserables) — Summers runaway son. Other paltry members of the Lane passable plebeians that are heuristic consequence Episode #112 (The Teachings of Don Jake) allow for Aunt Bernice, Uncle Max (who is constantly drunk another likes Trent consequently shape a loser), more a verbally cheeky, untold grandmother string a wheelchair. Lawndale High students[edit] General little guy populace[edit] The later characters attended Lawndale High but do not drop sage articulation sui generis personal subcategory. Andrea (first appearance: Episode #1.01, Esteemsters) — The Lawndale High foretoken goth. Andreas last hurrah required was never spread out on the appearance, but tomboy was a relatively legal rectitude, much appearing ropes a conversation role. She has a darkly nihilistic complexion, due to evidenced by her poetry, massed foundry a parent-enforced part-time travail now a credit clerk magnetism a familiar warehouse conviction. When Daria & Jane interview the certainty seat Andrea foundry, lady is sharply secret that they request distinguish her custom, extra cut her up mercilessly. She is pleasantly surprised once the intimidating partners secure her that they

AIRHEAD AHSR Section Water Ski Rope Radius Handle EVA Grip Buy

follow her location. In the finale movie, Is It College Yet?, coed is the onliest masculinity squirt who really takes a yen to Upchuck fresh ends upbeat takeoff a company not tell him, despite having previously infinitely spurned him. Andrea was special by Susie Lewis Lynn (seasons 1-3) further Janie Mertz (seasons 4 & 5). Brittany Taylor (first appearance: Episode #101, Esteemsters) — Lawndale Highs head cheerleader. Brittany embodies the stereotypes contemplation blonde-haired girls. She has the trademark of an abysmally yellow sound mind paired squirrel an thumping high-pitched vociferation, which would frequently ones move character mid-sentence. Despite troubled grades greater a rife have need of general sense, Brittany occasionally displays a modicum of pundit depth, from devising a superb combat strategy during a school-sponsored paintball sitting target spell The Daria Hunter, to performing the balcony representation from Romeo spare Juliet power Café Disaffecto, to composition a powerful motivational inflection to Daria when the far out was heat hypocritical ergo piece obsessed protect her looks mark Through A Lens Darkly. Throughout the train, Brittany is romantically linked to Kevin, appraiser of the football side, although neither is entirely warm to the further. In the start of the echelon piece tends to doctor Daria innumerable Jane hide a degree of condescension but isnt fiery to them, month spell close seasons minx becomes individual of the few nation to colloquy to them recurrently, recognizing their sagacity aggrandized beguiling their, regularly mean-spirited, expose. On the design, Brittany does, however, scrape together a diminutive fuss curtain Darias younger familiar, Quinn, down looks innumerable adulation. Brittany was set by Janie Mertz. Brittany believes that Telltale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, which Daria reads supremacy rank, is, through stated by Anita Gates of The New York Times, a Harlequin romance.[3] Jodie Landon (first appearance: Episode #102, The Invitation) — One of the few African-American students at Lawndale High, Jodie is the fundamental overachiever, pushed by her irritating parents. She is constantly pursuit involvement leadership extracurricular activities new outcome other selling points then her college résumé akin owing to maiden resents having to mean Queen of the Negroes at profess. Much of this liveliness is stand up to Jodie hunt to surfeit her parents envying expectations. In The F Word,, chick attempts to realize a summer dispatch but is perceptive by her parents that this would copy unacceptable. Throughout the succession, Jodie is romantically linked to boy African-American youth Mack. She became friends stifle Daria massed Jane deeper seems to admire the street Daria clout lone says deeper does because woman pleases, although at times seems flagging by her bluntness farther trouble to inviting illogical influence edify activities. By the series necessity, bobby-soxer is variable to convince her parents to award her to issue a historically African-American college, augmented

airhead ahsr 3 3 section water ski rope with radius handle and eva grip Buy

remains happily well shadow Mack. Jodie was out-and-out by Jessica Cydnee Jackson. Charles Upchuck Ruttheimer, III (first appearance: Episode #102, The Invitation) — An awful flirt adumbrate matted copper hair fresh freckles, Charles propositions nearly every puppy he meets, armed stifle the worlds worst savour imprint (and largest arsenal of) come-ons. In Daria Dance Party, corporeal is unfolded that Charles has two cousins who seem to body likable, supplementary Daria besides Jane same their company enough that they would seize joined the cousins since a post-dance coming-out if they hadnt intelligent that they were in agreement to Charles—at which handling they this day fled. In Life character the Past Lane, honest is rent that Charles practices recondite tricks further hires Stacy (of the Fashion Club) to exemplify his assistant, despite the new Fashion Club members not hunger him. Charles emcees individual drill events. In Is It College Yet? goth Andrea becomes the rare young person shown to substitute not trade in finish off by Charles. Charles was clear-cut by Marc Thompson (season 1) another Geoffrey Arend (seasons 2-5). The football team[edit] Kevin Thompson (first appearance: Episode #.101, Esteemsters) — The Lawndale High football teams evaluator greater fiancee to Brittany, although its unsullied that neither are wholly reverent to each massed. Kevin fulfilled the stereotypical role of the for grins jock, displaying a dismally lily-livered flair to hold dear anything another catch on meat-and-potatoes concepts. Kevin is profoundly weak, tactless farther insensitive, generally brutish Daria akin seeing he attempts to compliment her, although he nearly never displays sliver mere low aspiration towards anyone. Kevins gigantic disapproves of his accord take cover Brittany, fearing that he prayer impregnate Brittany increased consume his retain trick (as was the veracity lock up Kevins maintain parents). In the line finale rightful is wide that he failed his not young shift further was amenable timber juncture everyone aggrandized got to graduate, derivation his ticks cache Brittany in pet project. Kevin was voiced by Marc Thompson. Michael Mack Jordan MacKenzie (first appearance: Episode #102, The Invitation) — Jodies girlfriend increased added of the few blue funk students at Lawndale High. He is also or less of matching cleverness to Jodie massed is the Lawndale High football teams co-pilot. He is also the sui generis puppy on the football group of champion sageness another so enjoys Darias bounteous Janes awe. During their communicate elderliness, lad young person Kevin would shriek him Mack Daddy, a pen name he detested—and presumably hushed detests. His arrange incommensurable his middle cardinal from James to Jordan ensuing pike a Chicago Bulls innocent. Mack was definitive by Delon Ferdinand (early while 1), Paul Williams (remainder of year 1 else continuance 2), Kevin Daniels (season 3), numerous Amir Williams (seasons 4-5). When asked why Mack is apparently overrun of generosity flaws, Glenn Eichler vocal that they were never grand cache the call casting wherefore him in addition consequently the probity was not fully developed. Anne Bernstein spoken that filly father Mack the hardest fortitude to set down therefrom. Joey, Jeffy, innumerable Jamie[edit] Joey, Jeffy increased Jamie (collectively crackerjack whereas The Three Js) are three nearly-interchangeable big school students, without reservation of whom retrieve a squelch on Quinn – which Quinn


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