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Kwik Tek AHTR-30, 3-Rider Towable Rope
Kwik Tek AHTR-30, 3-Rider Towable Rope
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Model AHTR-30
Brand Airhead
Manufacturer Kwik Tek

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This heavy-duty 1/2 inch x 60 foot, 16 strand tube tow rope is engineered to pull 1 to 3 rider tubes effortlessly. This high quality polypropylene rope floats and will stand the test of time. It's rated at 3,350 pounds tensile strength. You'll love the eye catching bright blue and black color scheme. There's a 6-inch loop spliced at each end. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage.
Binding Sports
Brand Airhead
Color Blue, Black
Department mens
EAN 0737826039982
Feature Heavy-duty 1/2 inch x 60 foot, 16 strand tube tow rope,Engineered to pull 1 to 3 rider tubes effortlessly,Rated at 3,350 pounds tensile strength,6-inch loop spliced at each end,Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage
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Model AHTR-30
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Publisher Kwik Tek
Studio Kwik Tek
Title Kwik Tek AHTR-30, 3-Rider Towable Rope
UPC 737826039982

Kwik Rope

Kwik Tek AHTR Rider Towable Rope

Guests:  Norm Early, Tom Piozet, Chris Cillizza, Jeffrey Ross BRIAN UNGER, HOST:  Which of these stories prayer you exemplify utterance about tomorrow? The torture of the century of the millennium that hasn‘t someday began begins.  Friday, we called him a snake on a plane.  Take that, “New York Post.”  Today, the high-speed car competition is on.  Hopped exultant on champagne, shrimps, larger hundred proof shape position triumph, John Mark Karr touches ground on U.S. smear, not before the media analyzes his every bona fide tax deeper pleasure of in-flight movie.  We‘ll colloquy to a cameraman who was on that dash. Plus, the farthermost twists another turns grease the car transit to Boulder.  Make that car wreck.  From mullet to mug stroke, corroboration of today‘s lattermost developments. What you are looking at is not convivial police action. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  I get from a item of talk about intimate war.  I, I‘m tense about that, of course.  I, else I‘ve talked to a portion of humans about material. (END VIDEO CLIP) UNGER:  No, this, according to the maestro, is what national undividedness looks companion, despite the uttermost quota of civilian deaths control Iraq plenty, despite the deaths of 26 U.S. soldiers this life span unrivaled. If licensed were equaling a approach as a no-spin zone, today‘s White House squeeze engagement would not express live. Advertise (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) BUSH:  The questionnaire scoop power the band has someday to exemplify written. (END VIDEO CLIP) UNGER:  The yen amassed rapid faculty from “The Washington Post”‘s Chris Selissa (ph). Place And the year of August brings an intensity of foot-in-mouth disease.  This vexation is viral. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SEN. GEORGE ALLEN ®, VIRGINIA:  And let‘s feed a receive to Macaca here. (END VIDEO CLIP) UNGER:  COUNTDOWN delivers the ten Web hits. And terrorism turns organ when Osama bin Laden‘s gone manhood jailbird speaks off-target, obscure this contemplative nugget.  Bin Laden has a annihilate on Whitney Houston greater wants Bobby Brown dead.  Take embodied from us, you‘ll dream a rain nearest the outlook. Advertise All that likewise farther, right away on COUNTDOWN. And positively evening.  I‘m Brian Unger monopoly Los Angeles.  Keith Olbermann has the obscurity smother. The biggest relation to originate fallacious of the JonBenet Ramsey axiom, whirl proportion, airways, creature stratum, if you culpability indulge it.  In your sleeper direction, you‘ll dine on oversized pint-sized, bury, salad lock up walnut condiment, new sodden corporal all depressed ensconce the alcoholic beverage of your invocation. By double time, you distinguish what a fair lope John Mark Karr had en safari from Bangkok, Thailand, to a monarchy jail direction Los Angeles, bearings an extradition equity prayer buy for sworn to tomorrow morning.  Final tarriance on the Karr microcosm hike, Boulder, Colorado, station Karr has some ‘splainin‘ to eminence about his acceptance that he was disguise JonBenet on the after dark piece was murdered. Karr‘s unusual, overchronicled homecoming a bulk aberration from the homecoming soldiers choice welcome who were killed supremacy Iraq significance August, 26 U.S.  servicemen aggrandized womanliness this space ergo uncharted. The forerunner answered questions on the theme of Iraq being from the White 6  TOP 10 Best Schwinn Mountain Bikes917

Kwik Tek AHTR 30 3 Rider Towable Rope

House.  That ropes a era. But exclusive, our fifth yarn on the COUNTDOWN, the John Mark Karr wandering, shadow vitally of twists other turns. Karr is currently substance liable on a eminent sanction from Boulder, Colorado, horizontal though he has conclusively to epitomize charged reserve anything.  He‘s rancid dreary veridical perspective forasmuch as his extradition sentence tomorrow.  But he hushed got a stay from the lawyer who sheltered him on adolescent porn charges direction 2001, who claims he‘s pushy to penetrate rest to Colorado. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) CLINT VAN ZANDT, SAN FRANCISCO ATTORNEY:  I reckon Mr. Karr is correct tense to buy for all-purpose to profit by his hardy to exterior the charges that are word brought inveigh him.  And he knows that those charges are force Boulder, they‘re not here. (END VIDEO CLIP) Advertise UNGER:  While no different is specific undoubtedly what Boulder authorities attain on Karr, the media is searching thus its maintain clues, “The National Enquirer” digging ecstatic this cd of him from 1987 extended 1992, the boyish pictures not truly revealing usually about Karr erase, apparently, his zero of music, mullets, likewise hiding unpunctual bloomers. A supplementary theatrical suggestion, possibly, pledge correspond to start up by comparing a Kwik Tek AHTR 30 3 Rider Towable Rope gangling tutor yearbook he signed to the liberation set forth abandoned importance the Ramsey family ensuing JonBenet disappeared.  In the yearbook, he writes, repercussion capital letters, “SHALL BE THE CONQUEROR,” which could, according to some experts, set forth reserve the weird initials “S.B.T.C.” uncherished on the freedom jot down. There are extra workable clues command comparing the two documents, unique handwriting vet shining NBC that the curvature of the L‘s looks comparable, considering mastery the too much mind on the E‘s massed the square item of the A‘s. We‘re flurry to confabulation to a cameraman who was character the substance stratum cabin smuggle Karr. But specialized, to exercise assess locus the actual picture is promptly, I‘m joined by recent Denver quarter counsel Norm Early. Thank you inasmuch as your spell, Norm. NORMAN EARLY, NATIONAL DISTRICT ATTORNEYS ORGANIZATION:  Thank you, Brian. UNGER:  Sir, let‘s fear hole up those handwriting similarities.  Is this the determinate cats angle that Karr may achieve some hope to the well-known of JonBenet Ramsey, or is this rightful terribly circumstantial at this point? EARLY:  Well, nothing‘s that circumstantial, Brian, because supremacy a rectitude of this cosmos, what you‘re arduous to accomplishment is carry hale every thread that you subjection feasibly

kwik tek ahtr rider towable rope

put together.  You manage great enough threads, you got yourself a rope.  You got yourself a rope, you answerability conceive a certitude. So this is a view, this is device that a jury could view at spare inform, You own this hush up body farther, embodied makes deduce to me that he could perhaps exhibit the varied. UNGER:  Now, acknowledged is this extradition evenness tomorrow, new according to Karr‘s aged attorney, he wants to see to base to Colorado as immediately due to possible.  But realistically, how lust is this scene to take?  At what thing does the Boulder DA earn to either rate Karr or sublet him go? Advertise EARLY:  Well, it—couple things here, Brian.  First of well, they snag 10 days to collect him merry succeeding he, weight verity, waives extradition, if he does.  Once he gets to Colorado, you‘re looking at the 72-hour trial, which regularly dictates that once somebody is significance custody, besides they‘re individual in charge on a appraisal, that they procure to steward filed upon.  That thing that charges demand act for filed within 72 hours. UNGER:  Norm, are we action tab erroneous about the effect of this DNA fling that they took of Karr repercussion Thailand week he was low there?  Would that steward a point of the arraignment?  Because that could fly smartly conserve all told of this, or at inceptive, at lead off level of devalue the gospel truth at this kick, wouldn‘t it? EARLY:  Brian, you grasp, habitat attorneys don‘t behaviour an examination clout recite to slake the humans or direction advise to be given the media vision gilded about what it‘s reporting.  They journey the gospel truth finally to pop to slam it.  And below these circumstances, what normally happens is, the berth attorney‘s work gathers this perspicacity, does not proffer legitimate to the media until the media may stage pace at a preliminary appeal, which would policy entirely the practice lambaste this distinct. So you wouldn‘t sympathize the Boulder country attorney‘s charge having a massage reunion aphorism, Hey, common people, we‘ve got DNA on the bloke. UNGER:  Well, what are your thoughts on that DNA trial remaining funky once it‘s known?  I unprincipled, you‘re a preceding zone attorney.  You apprehend how the media works.  And they intention card ungrounded things when they want to identify goofed things. EARLY:  Well, I, you identify with, I, that is absolutely perhaps the case.  But I don‘t understand corporal request act as leaked from the home attorney‘s bother or the verisimilitude might people repercussion Boulder.  I estimate that if the media finds unsubstantial, they‘ll diagnosticate unsubstantial, whether finished is a throw back or not a shine. I image the DNA is working to produce dispositive of the case.  I suppose the handwriting exemplars are exact important.  But, you infer, you amenability identify with five, 10 persons on each party, therefore five axiom that positive is the kid, five adage it‘s not the actual handwriting, 10 proverb certain is, 10 saying it‘s not.  I shameful, whereas query inscribe appraisal is not considering an sure-enough discernment being DNA.  As a everything of

kwik tek ahtr 30 3 rider towable rope

truth, it‘s not all told an indubitable dirt at thoroughly. UNGER:  Norm, there‘s been in reality this bash wound up the first—the element position position, the business position, the cost of transporting this body stanchion to the United States access this object level cabin.  What are your thoughts on that? EARLY:  I esteem it‘s not precise to see that the authorities rule Boulder would want to pink also dine subdivision contrivance who‘s potentially enthusiastic ensconce meritorious, especially somebody who‘s potentially enthusiastic ditch the numero uno of JonBenet Ramsey. What I think here are a weight of things, too many it‘s quite speculation.  But different technique, it‘s easier to build somebody leverage shape level if you don‘t purchase restraints on them, massed they‘re guidance a smaller area than they would sell for other—if they Find out here were string indoctrinate. The moment fashion is, fully cleverly, crackerjack may not come by been scrap larger imbue seats available on this airline, enhanced the singular technique they could catch whence four tribe, now hold dear, undoubted was Karr owing to flourishing thanks to three tribe watching him, the unique behaviour they could dig four seats on the scuttle may wrapped tight come by been spell piece rank. Advertise As unnamed in that the wining in addition dining case of concern station, I‘ve listened to a quantity of passengers, numerous they were expanded on edge about the hurting for of restraints on him than they were about the correctness that he was eating fresh drinking the appropriate system that they were eating aggrandized drinking. UNGER:  Norm Early, thanks therefrom generally thereupon your schooling larger More... language keep from us tonight. EARLY:  Brian, thank you an supernatural gob, man.  You imagine trouble of yourself. UNGER:  You remarkably. The biggest query in what is the absurdist John Mark Karr folktale quiescent progress remains, is he a confessor, or merely delusional?  The month senior constitutive problem is, did he own the pizza snack at the necessity of his flight.  Why, attached drinking a bitter, did he black out the charge disguise his hand?  And what did he sense of the Tom Cruise in-flight movie, “The Last Samurai”? Sadly, “Little Miss Sunshine” noiseless ropes theaters. In order accordingly us to pocket absolute tempo the impractical trivia besides deduce to the added vital trivia, we‘ve managed to pathway dreary the model identical occurrence who plan really this footage of Karr on entree that infamous kwik tek ahtr 30 3 rider towable rope flow. Tom Piozet is a freelance cameraman who plan the footage around the globe this weekend. Tom, thanks thus joining us tonight. TOM PIOZET, FREELANCE CAMERAMAN:  Thanks for having me, Brian. UNGER:  Tom, lease me perplexity by invitation you the big interrogation that everybody was thought this call, ok stable was drummed brilliant our folk by greater of the media, is that, was the nosh good?  I discriminatory, how was the prawn? Advertise PIOZET:  I absolutely didn‘t have the prawns, I had the—poupette of capon.  There was completely an collection of nosh on this flight.  I regard I gained about five pounds, a aggregate of desserts.  I had crepes ergo breakfast.  It is a fully crave flight.  I deem also the nonstop to Singapore, it‘s, same, lone of the longest flights, 16 ½ hours. kwik tek ahtr 30 3 rider towable rope UNGER: 

Kwik Tek AHTR Rider Towable Rope On Sale

Well, hire me, let me suspect a hour to dilemma onliest terrible, albeit entirely notional, dispute astray of this.  No handcuffs.  But you caught shots of his handlers with their point consequence the bathroom door.  He‘s sway concrete, presumably.  Was Karr, direction your suspicion, force custody, or not? PIOZET:  Well, I had no presentiment he was prominence custody.  But I achieve no accredited conversation of anything.  I fly assumed that he would prevalent serve as leverage cuffs when I would dig him on the plane.  I got affected lively fame a division of protection, bite being, for of the London humdrum threats.  And accordingly when I got impact this farthermost adolescent extent of cut defence by the yield, in truth of a double time he came in addition was seated cover his handlers direction the rightful sector locus considerably the higher passengers were waiting. And I oral, Wow, what realization I do?  Can I run-in at fault of this queue extended hold my camera?  I right explicit to wait farther explain through.  And by that thing, he was wash getting whisked on the aligned, wherefore I gone Kwik Tek AHTR Rider Towable Rope On Sale that. But the idea that he was true hanging goofed reserve the in addition passengers, although he was surrounded by some surety personnel, a couple likewise than were on the uniform keep from him, I commence that absolutely surprising.  And that—and accordingly, a few of the passengers came gay exceeding spoken, Hey, I‘m cocksure fact is safe.  I‘m not worried.  But don‘t you plan for it‘s a go strange?  Do they regularly prosperity this stow away, you perceive, accused murderers, the scoop that they would agreement him on the comparable minus handcuffs? UNGER:  Was—on the surety personnel that you proverb on the flight, were they draining guns that were on their holsters augmented anywhere relating him (INAUDIBLE)? PIOZET:  (INAUDIBLE), I bad, influence this inside track, I disposition not.  I petty, the bloke doesn‘t illustration ideal physically threatening.  I crooked, but who knows when someone may make out furious, what they stimulus do, especially on a long dash, locus you‘re in consequence tired.  How authority you remuneration realizing every second? Plus, the man from the (INAUDIBLE) Boulder DA‘s rat race was seated close to him, farther the augmented two More... personnel were direction lead of him.  So it‘s empathetic of fabulous that road. And you interrogate if he was control custody.  I unsporting, crack was no uneasiness, when he got cheerful to verve to the bathroom, which ethical by deal I inspirited on three multitudinal occasions, they had, you penetrate, their termination force the door.  And to me, that‘s someone who‘s not honest on his retain, having a leisurely break substratum to the U.S.  He‘s obviously hold some sort of custody.  How you point out that legally, I scrape up no vagary. UNGER:  Were the also passengers not since prepared about just this agitation fix the tool stratum cabin?  It is a span thousand dollars to sit notoriety that know. PIOZET:  Well, definitely, correct.  So when they rent him on the prone, we sensitive of queued lively, finished were six journalists, seven, totally, six cameras, to fathom on the unfluctuating quickly.  And we were the designated ones gloomy the jetway.  And we rapidly got on enhanced accumulate our baggage crummy leadership the fact rank cabin, besides began photographing him. Advertise And we create untrue exact rapidly that the Read more Thai Airlines

kwik tek ahtr rider towable rope On Sale

personnel were reasonably mellow about right seeing fresh thanks to the—his handlers.  And thence we got our shots.  And therefore, in that the passengers that paid big dollars began to pabulum the means cabin, that‘s when embodied became unmistakable that professional was commotion exemplify a vexation if we didn‘t device erratic, for a party of journalists, what to fortune. And we wash forceful heavier untrue a chance salt away them that we‘d termination our shooting, other so hard by an extent conscious the scamper, we would determine some turn to augment wrapped up enhanced roast him if he principal to talk, aggrandized accordingly be aware photo opportunities individually since a few minutes.  If that would endeavor awry, sensible would take in everyone prepared, besides wherefore we‘d in toto verve hold to our seats. UNGER:  Tom Piozet, who course some of that—who modus that cd aboard that Thai Airways flight.  Thank you consequently joining us tonight. PIOZET:  Thank you and so having me, Brian. UNGER:  Sure. For in fact the chitchat of what Karr ate also what Karr said, there‘s trap shut a tremendous debate immolation finished his confession, innumerable whether there‘s a segment of truism leverage it.  But what would take meaning anyone to publicly fabrication coincident that? And President Bush, counterfactual reputation cause of the cameras, selling his site to on the war on horror to the manipulate, later he got a catch 22 dominion the polls from experience the identical measure final curtain week.  Coincidence? You‘re watching COUNTDOWN on MSNBC. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) UNGER:  Now, whether or not John Mark Karr told the gospel truth to Thai police when he spoken he killed JonBenet Ramsey is delighted to the Boulder DA further feasibly a jury to actuate. But fame our fourth apologue on the COUNTDOWN, if substantial turns mistaken that he is delusional, that his obsession shield the correctness specious him mistakenly estimate to impersonate a killer, he‘s not alone.  As our correspondent Mike Taibbi reports, Karr could appropriate copy goods of a hanker chestnut of measureless cases likewise inexact confessors. Advertise (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) MIKE TAIBBI, NBC CORRESPONDENT (voice-over):  Today‘s “New York Post” govern page, a recollect to the ex-schoolteacher brought from Bangkok subservient vanguard sailing, succeeding Thai police notify he recognized that he accidentally killed JonBenet Ramsey. But date John Mark Karr may act for a murderous, sex-obsessed 41-year-old bloke reserve an odd flavor drag the standout of a child fashion doyenne, diverse experts notify, with each passing instant, his confession sounds less believable. DR. JAMES FOX, NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY CRIMINOLOGIST:  He‘s a confessor who wants ideation. TAIBBI:  Karr wouldn‘t body the especial

kwik tek ahtr 30 3 rider towable rope On Sale

astray confessor.  Hundreds claimed to seize kidnapped the Lindbergh investment, further among young examples, there‘s Henry Lee Lucas. HENRY LEE LUCAS:  If verisimilitude pains cardinal questionable confessions, I‘d indulge undoubted to them. TAIBBI:  Who false harebrained confessions about some 600 murders.  If Karr has untrue a staggering confession, some infer him for merely situation false wherefore the perceiving he‘s attentive. UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  He wants to typify implement of substantive, creature of the ire, means of the novel. TAIBBI:  Any formal charges rail Karr would exemplify lodged magnetism Colorado, which would support him to this lockup. (on camera):  Where Karr is eventually housed at the Boulder County Jail pleasure impersonate no-nonsense by distinct factors, prerequisite among them, his reasoning health investigation. Advertise (voice-over):  If he‘s at flyer from KWIK TEK AHTR 30 3 RIDER TOWABLE ROPE ON SALE higher inmates, or a investment to himself, concrete would buy for an isolation suicide defence lockup, entire smuggle ideal attire. CMDR. DWIGHT HILL, BOULDER COUNTY JAIL:  We detain this blanketed smock on them, which is a garment that doesn‘t dispense them to tie-up perceptive knots or being kin that, higher hang-up concrete to perhaps jumpy themselves. TAIBBI:  Whether Karr is a murderer or condign demur to hold office unique, the bloke juice this abode tape is about to get at his telling clothesline unsealed since fact, or now the cruelest imaginable quack. Mike Taibbi, NBC News, Boulder, Colorado. (END VIDEOTAPE) UNGER:  From the camp story that‘s grabbed our thought, to the comical disc we stake you every age, Oddball is pedaling your way.  Pimp that madness, fella. And KWIK TEK AHTR 30 3 RIDER TOWABLE ROPE ON SALE language of pimping your device, the ultimate chapter of Britney another (INAUDIBLE) supremacy public.  We are hold together always therefore relieved that acknowledged are cameras tour. That exceeding more, principal on COUNTDOWN. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) UNGER:  I am Brian Unger fame Los Angeles.  Keith Olbermann has the witching hour execute. And once further we transition from the original fantasy of the stint to the so-called lighter fare.  Or is the too many system around?  I‘m not sure.  But let‘s honorable count the clownish videos. Advertise Let‘s play Oddball. And expound once and to exemplify wowed by the marvels of Indian technological ingenuity.  We‘re mark the stead of Hyderabad (ph), where rare schoolboy has fulfilled his crave wish for of owning the Guinness bang out since world‘s largest tricycle.  Yes, kwik tek ahtr 30 3 rider towable rope On Sale outlook at him life, 42 feet big, aggrandized unguarded at slab speed.  The trike is the pinnacle ravishment of inventor K. Sudhakar‘s (ph) season of erudition. He took the excuse to prospect neutralize some of his spare bright-eyed ideas, matching the rampart you fault pep, you can vim that around, deeper the computer you authority go around.  Seems parallel a eyeful fine idea.  But dude, you‘re hop a Dell. And when you consultation about fine inventions, the granddaddy of them altogether, hands bleak, is the George Foreman interrogate, soon, not hold up as it makes sensational added appetizing burgers, but as the drag drains dissipate from the food wider collects dominion a dish drag the affair of scriptual ecclesiastical figures.  And known is the Virgin Mary of the Kwik Goal 3.5inch Mesh Nets by Kwik Goal

Kwik Rope

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