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RAVE Sports 02318 Diablo II 2-Rider Towable
RAVE Sports 02318 Diablo II 2-Rider Towable
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Model 2318 R13598
Brand Rave
Manufacturer RAVE Sports
ReleaseDate 2010-01-21

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as of 2018-01-22 08:23:19
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RAVE Diablo 2-Rider Tapered Profile Deck Towable
Binding Sports
Brand Rave
Color blue
Department Bedroom
EAN 0863415179095
Feature The Diablo II inflatable towable tube is the perfect addition to all of your water toys!,2-rider towable / 340 lbs. maximum rider weight,Skim-fast bottom for slick, fast ride,Four handles and quick-connect tow point,Centrifugal force deterrants keep riders in place
IsAutographed 0
IsMemorabilia 0
Label RAVE Sports
Manufacturer RAVE Sports
Model 2318 R13598
MPN 02318
NumberOfItems 1
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher RAVE Sports
ReleaseDate 2010-01-21
Size Two person
Studio RAVE Sports
Title RAVE Sports 02318 Diablo II 2-Rider Towable
UPC 863415179095

RAVE Sports Diablo II Rider

rave sports 02318 diablo ii 2 rider towable

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RAVE Sports 02318 Diablo II 2 Rider Towable

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RAVE Sports Diablo II Rider

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rave sports diablo ii rider

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RAVE Sports 02318 Diablo II 2 Rider Towable Place

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rave sports diablo ii rider Place

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rave sports 02318 diablo ii 2 rider towable Place

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RAVE Sports Diablo II Rider

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