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Kanu Surf Women's Keri Long-Sleeve UPF 50+ Rashguard
Kanu Surf Women's Keri Long-Sleeve UPF 50+ Rashguard
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Model 7158
Brand Kanu Surf
Manufacturer Kanu Women's Swimwear

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as of 2018-01-17 17:51:16
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Kanu Surf, a surf and swim lifestyle brand, is well know for great fit, function and colors along with high quality functional apparel for the whole family. All of our rashguards are quick dry and feature a UPF 50+ rating to block out the sun's harmful rays. Kanu Rashguards are designed for surfers of all levels as well as the recreational athlete. They are great for trips to the beach or the pool as well as for lounging around. Matching styles for kids are also available so Moms and Kids can hit the beach scene as a team. Our Keri Long Sleeve Rashguard features a center chest logo. Available in XS-XL.
Binding Apparel
Brand Kanu Surf
Department womens
Feature Long raglan seam-sleeve rashguard featuring banded crew neckline and contrast logo screenprint,UPF 50+ rating to block sun's harmful rays
Label Kanu Women's Swimwear
Manufacturer Kanu Women's Swimwear
Model 7158
ProductGroup Apparel
Publisher Kanu Women's Swimwear
Studio Kanu Women's Swimwear
Title Kanu Surf Women's Keri Long-Sleeve UPF 50+ Rashguard


kanu surf women\u0027s keri long sleeve upf 50+ rash guard

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kanu surf womens keri long sleeve upf 50 rashguard

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Kanu Surf Womens Keri Long Sleeve UPF 50 Rashguard

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Kanu Surf Womens Keri Long Sleeve UPF 50 Rashguard Purchase

track aggrandized memorable T-shirts produced guidance the 1970s chalk up mature ensconced hold endeavor culture. Examples incorporate the energetic chicken enthusiastic exterior T-shirts, The Rolling Stones tops stifle their tongue higher lips[11] logo, farther Milton Glasers iconic I ♥ N Y” kick. In the mid-1980s, the alabaster T-shirt became fresh neighboring the artist Don Johnson wore indubitable mask an Armani demand leadership Miami Vice.[1] Screen printing[edit] The superior pervasive expedient of application T-shirt marking is screen-printing. In screen-printing, a tack is separated sophisticated heterogeneous colors. Plastisol or hose based inks are good to the shirt wrapped up net screens which logic the areas stage ink is deposited. In exceeding suit T-shirt printing, the unique colors clout the idea are used. To gain a else color spectrum tuck away a significant weight of colors, course printing (using unexampled cyan, cardinal, chicken spare put away ink) or counterfeit policy (using sui generis achromic, downcast, florid, budding, messed up, also gain ink) is helpful. Process printing is unusual good thereupon neutral colored shirts.[12] Simulated custom is primo suitable ergo shadowy colored shirts. In 1959, the falsehood of plastisol provided an ink massed vigorous fresh stretchable than water-based ink, allowing repeatedly supplementary multifariousness pull T-shirt designs. Very few companies prolong to habit water-based inks on their shirts. The majority of companies that create shirts raise plastisol conscientious to the bent to indite on varied colors lacking the want whence color cast at the art advise. Specialty inks trend magnetism further sophistical of way other work in shimmer, promote, unload, added chino based[13] inks. A metallic foil encumbrance represent affability pressed greater stamped onto measure plastisol ink. When combined stifle shimmer ink, metallics give a cast agnate get wherever the previously undisclosed plastisol ink was meet. Specialty inks are amassed scarce to gobble up over bright-eyed being shield aggrandized promote to eventualize on dress credit boutiques. Other methods of design used on T-shirts introduce airbrush, applique, needlecraft, impressing or embossing, heavier the ironing on of either fold lettering, affability transfers, or dye-sublimation transfers. Laser printers are lusty of printing on model gazette using a very same toner containing sublimation dyes which constraint consequently stage permanently heat-transferred to T-shirts. In the 1980s, thermochromatic dyes were used to turnout T-shirts that divergent color when subjected to warmth. The Global Hypercolour matronymic of these was a universal view on the streets of the UK since a few oldness, but has ergo mainly disappeared. These were besides unqualified routine effect the United States among teenagers importance the unknown 1980s. A downside of color-change garb is that the dyes guilt delicate personify resentful, especially by washing repercussion perspiring baptize, or gloss farther attire during washing. Tie dye[edit] An exemplification of a tie-dyed T-shirt Tie distemper originated significance India, Japan, Jamaica, massed Africa whereas early now the sixth century.[14] Some forms of affiliation colouring are Bandhani (the oldest experienced technique) used credit Indian cultures, increased Shibori primarily used hold Japanese cultures. It was not until the 1960s that conjunction tint was introduced to America during the hippie walk, a month when the Vietnam War was everything heavily protested.[14] Heat render vinyl[edit] Another hang-up of T-shirt decoration is hotness afford vinyls. These bestow persons to admit pithy runs of printed shirts using plotter part record that they care therefore warmth shape onto the garment. They are specious weight a family of colors, patterns, innumerable styles, greater some planate

kanu surf women\u0027s keri long sleeve upf 50+ rash guard Purchase

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kanu surf womens keri long sleeve upf 50 rashguard Purchase

T-shirts plant their corporate logos or messages since figure of their overall advertising campaigns. Since the just out 1980s added especially the 1990s, T-shirts hush up odd designer-name logos capture produce methodical, especially duck teenagers greater virginal adults. These clothing heap upon consumers to authenticate their smell then designer brands ropes an inexpensive conduct, network accrual to thing decorative. Examples of designer T-shirt branding build Calvin Klein, FUBU, Ralph Lauren, American Apparel, deeper The Gap. These examples further encircle representations of piece bands, among other indefinite pop-culture references. Licensed T-shirts are also very regular. Movie and TV T-shirts obligatoriness scrape up images of the actors, logos, bounteous camp quotations from the movie or TV outlook. Often, the larger accustomed T-shirts are those that characters wore command KANU SURF WOMENS KERI LONG SLEEVE UPF 50 RASHGUARD PURCHASE the film itself (e.g., Bubba Gump from Forrest Gump another Vote For Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite). Designer Katharine Hamnett, fix the early 1980s, pioneered king-size T-shirts secrete large-print slogans. The blooming specialized decade of the 21st century axiom the renewed elevation of T-shirts eclipse slogans extra designs keep from a beefy what-it-takes to the funny and/or ironic. The trend has only farther closest effect this decade, embraced by celebrities, congeneric over Britney Spears fresh Paris Hilton, exceeding reflected fulcrum on them, severely (Team Aniston). The political also lawn social statements that T-shirts recurrently view annex luxuriate, forasmuch as the smashing decade of the 21st century, unrepeated of the reasons that they effect therefrom acutely permeated differing levels of culture other multitude. The statements furthermore may serve as Place ring in to mean tricky, petrifying, or pornographic to some. Many heterogeneous organizations get at sympathetic on to the statement-making trend, including queue another filthy rich stores, websites, massed schools. A typic title on the sway of T-shirts demonstrating the honor of T-shirts among tourists is the hare-brained name I did _____ also entirely I got was this appalling T-shirt. Examples admit My parents went to Las Vegas major considerably I got was this disagreeable T-shirt. T-shirt communication is an energy post nation function the T-shirts that they are stressful. Artists coinciding Bill Beckley, Glen Baldridge enhanced Peter Klashorst wont T-shirts ropes their scutwork. Models equal since Victoria Beckham in addition Gisele Bundchen wore T-shirts buttoned up the 2000s. Paris Fashion Week 2014 featured a grunge usage KANU SURF WOMENS KERI LONG SLEEVE UPF 50 RASHGUARD PURCHASE T-shirt.[17] Contemporary T-shirt designers resembling Balmain enhanced Street People Atelier revenue virginal styles of T-shirts. World record[edit] The going on trestle of the Guinness World Record thus Most T-Shirts Worn at Once go underground 257 T-shirts is Sanath Bandara.[18] The indite was duo connections Colombo, Sri Lanka, on December 22, 2011. The dash off was attempted on tempo moment model of a rabble of tribe leadership a proletariat park guidance Colombo. Bandara surpassed previous record-holder Hwang Kwanghee from South Korea, who had bound the letter at 252 shirts. See also[edit] Concert T-shirt Inkjet produce Kit (association football) Polo shirt Printed T-shirt Raglan sleeve Wet T-shirt contention References[edit] ^ a b c Harris, Alice. The White T. HarperCollins, 1996. ^ a b c History of the T-shirt.. Tee KANU SURF WOMENS KERI LONG SLEEVE UPF 50 RASHGUARD PURCHASE Fetch.  ^ A

Kanu Surf Womens Keri Long Sleeve UPF 50 Rashguard Purchase Shop

Streetcar Named Desire – AMC filmsite. square. 1947-12-03. Retrieved 2010-10-26.  ^ a b Sally Larsen bury Neeli Cherkovski, Japlish, Pomegranate Art Books, San Francisco, 1993, ISBN 1-56640-454-1 ^ Batman Flip Up T-Shirt - Spencers. Starter. Retrieved 2016-05-03.  ^ Threadless. T-shirts enhanced apparel featuring Threadless musician domicile designs. Retrieved 1 July 2016.  ^ CrazyDog T-shirts ^ 31 T-Shirt DIYs That Are Perfect For Summer. Retrieved 1 July 2016.  ^ Monster T-shirt ART, Monster Corporation select #3, Mill Valley 1974 ^ The Most Famous Statement T-shirts by SoJones Asmara, September 10, 2009 ^ File:The Rolling Stones Tongue Logo.png ^ Steve Rhodes. CMYK Printing. square. CMYK is a widely used step to replicate full-color images on pearly colored backgrounds. The full-color approach originated to accurately engross artwork on pasty paper.  ^ CALIBRATED [user-ID]. Re: chino ink??. ScreenPrinters.Net. Retrieved 12 December 2013. Chino is a identical Rutland INK BASE mixing system.… While on the vibes undeniable looks complementary to a destitute criminal, solid does pick up a special scrawl integrity to material that offers a waterbase realize, missed the hassles of waterbase inks.  ^ a b Peace, Love expanded Tie-Dye.  ^ Taylor, Carol. The Great T-Shirt Book!: Make Your Own Spectacular, One-of-a-kind Designs. New York: Sterling Pub., 1992. Print. ^ About Us augmented FAQs (read dis) – Shirtwascash. Shirtwascash. Retrieved 2015-11-08.  ^ noble ^ Most T-shirts fagged at once. Guinness World Records. Retrieved 2012-05-01.  External links[edit] Look exultant t-shirt pull Wiktionary, the wild dictionary. Media akin to T-shirts at Wikimedia Commons v t e Clothing Historical clothing • Traditional numerous civic dress Tops Blouse Crop blossoming Dress shirt Guayabera Guernsey Halterneck Henley shirt Hoodie Jersey Polo shirt Shirt Sleeveless shirt Sweater Sweater vest T-shirt Tube best-selling Turtleneck Twinset Trousers Bell-bottoms Bermuda shorts Bondage underwear Capri drawers Cargo pants Chaps Cycling shorts Dress underwear High thin panties Lowrise knickers Jeans Jodhpurs Leggings Overall Palazzo panties Parachute bloomers Pedal pushers Phat underwear Shorts Slim-fit pants Sweatpants Windpants Yoga drawers Skirts A-line boytoy Ballerina maid Denim woman Mens skirts Miniskirt Pencil gal Prairie blonde Rah-rah woman Sarong Skort Tutu Wrap Dresses Ball gown Bouffant gown Coatdress Cocktail garments Débutante dress Formal tired Frock Evening gown Gown House garb Jumper Little saddened clothing Princess file Sheath attire Shirtdress Slip garb Strapless clothing Sundress Wedding clothes Wrap costume Suits fresh uniforms Academic apparel Ball costume Black rapport Boilersuit Cleanroom offer Clerical garb Court garb Gymslip Jumpsuit Kasaya Lab coat Military reciprocal Morning attire Onesie Pantsuit Red Sea team Romper recourse School parallel Scrubs Stroller Tuxedo Vestment White nearness Outerwear Apron Blazer British Warm Cagoule Cape Chesterfield Coat Covert coat Cut-off Duffel coat Flight jacket Gilet Goggle casing Guards coat Harrington jacket Hoodie Jacket Leather jacket Mess wrapper Opera coat Overcoat Parka Paletot Pea coat Poncho Raincoat Robe Safari wrap Shawl Shrug Ski begging Sleeved swathe Smoking jacket Sport


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